Increased Innovation for a Better Society

New Models for Societal Development

Our Mission

ModigMinoz contributes to increased innovation for a better society, by supporting change leaders on the basis of profound knowledge, strong commitment, as well as systems and user perspectives.

We target change leaders that have a strong commitment to increased innovation for the benefit of business, citizens and the sustainable development of our society We work in close partnerships with our clients, and assignments are designed in a close dialogue to maximize the benefits of our efforts.

About us

Strategic facilitators

When you want to build strategic partnerships with shared commitments for increased effectiveness and impact of your activites.

Meeting facilitators and moderators

When you need high quality and increased impact of conferences and  internal or external meetings.

Strategic matchmakers

When you need to find new contacts that infuse new energy and relevant competence in your work.


When you need seasoned experts in a panel discussion, for a report, article or blog post, in your board or in strategic counselling.

Workshop Leaders and Speakers

When you, your organization, and your networks need new knowledge and a change in perspective.

Bloggers at  Innovation och samhälle

Learn and get inspired from outlooks, columns and reflections on topics such as Social Innovation, Collaborative Economy, Innovation Management, Impact of Digitalisation and Design for Policy. Postings in Swedish and English

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